Series of Lectures on Multilingualism

In 2021, EUNIC Netherlands in collaboration with the D-G for Translation of the European Commission organised four lectures around multilingualism. The first appointment was all about raising children bilingually. The following lectures dealt with subtitling and the concept of multilingual cities. The fourth dealt with everyday multilingual practices. During the lectures, always both experts and practitioners from the field and different European countries shared their thoughts and experiences. Examples of lecturers and panellists include: Dr. Sharon Unsworth (UK/NL), Peter Bosma (NL), Dr. Marie-Aude Baronian (FR), the artists Maud Vanhauwaert (BE) and Prosper de Roos (NL). Harro Glastra (EU), Jonathan Bernaerts (BE), Corinna Tammenmaa (FIN) and Francois Grin (CH). All the lectures were streamed live and available to watch afterwards. These lectures proved highly popular and successful so that the project will be continued in 2022.

The fifth lecture on multilingualism “A career with languages, yes, that’s possible!” took place on 9 June at 19.30 in OBA Amsterdam.

In this conversation with language professionals of all kinds, the audience got to discover the multitude of possibilities to earn a living (and more) with language beyond becoming a translator or teacher.

Our multilingual panel talked about what their work entails, how they got into it, and what other possibilities there are. In addition, the bilingual poet and visual artist Sytse Jansma recited poems and talked about how multilingualism inspired him during the creative writing process.

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Find out more about & rewatch the past lectures below.

#1 “Raising a bilingual child with success” with Dr. Sharon Unsworth

Dr. Sharon Unsworth gives you tips and tricks based on the latest research findings to help your child become a successful bilingual. We talk about what success means, what makes bilingualism so special, and why at the same time it’s also completely normal. 

#2 Expand your knowledge of language and culture through films and subtitling with Peter Bosma and Dr. Marie-Aude Baronian

Professional subtitler Peter Bosma, MA talks with Dr. Marie-Aude Baronian about choosing the right words and finding the right nuances when subtitling foreign films. Without providing a definitive answer to the question of whether film is “translatable” at all, they examine what is important in translating film and where translating words becomes translating culture. Together they investigate how subtitles contribute to a better understanding of foreign languages and cultures, or how they hinder them.

#3 Multilingual cities with Maud Vanhauwaert and Prosper de Roos

The Belgian poet and artist Maud Vanhauwaert, and the Amsterdam artist and philosopher Prosper de Roos lead us through the vibrant environment of multilingual cities, while presenting their latest projects on living in polyglot places. Maud Vanhauwaert will introduce her project ‘De toren van babel‘ in Antwerp, while Prosper de Roos will guide us in ‘Een reis langs boekenkastjes‘ – ‘A journey through public bookcases’ – in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

#4 “May I have a beer please? How to order a drink in Multilingual Europe with Marc van Oostendorp (moderator), Harro Glastra, Jonathan Bernaerts, Corinna Tammenmaa and François Grin

The focus of the series’ upcoming event is on language diversity and everyday practices of multilingualism in polyglot environments. Whether you feel confident switching codes according to the group you interact with, or you rather prefer using your mother tongue even when you are abroad, this evening can be an inspiring and insightful opportunity to reflect on linguistic themes that are becoming more and more topical in our interconnected and always in movement societies.