Our projects

Several times a year the entire cluster joins forces for core EUNIC Netherlands projects. These longstanding events directly express our commitment to representing European cultural and linguistic diversity, and demonstrate the significane of European cultural exchange and collaboration. Currently these comprise the European Literature Night and the European Language Day, a Series of Lectures on Multiligualism and the FAIR P(L)AY Cycle.

European Literature Night

In many ways the highlight of the EUNIC Netherlands calendar, the European Literature Night brings together both celebrated authors and promising literary talents from all over Europe. The writers are invited to tackle a central theme in small panels, led by a moderator. There is room for debate, for the of reading excerpts, for monologues and key-notes. The Night is a space for exploration, for understanding differences and recognizing similarities, in this way reimagining ‘Europeanness’ for both authors and audience. Thus, each year, the European Literature Night sketches an impressionist, fragmented and dynamic picture of the European literary landscape.

European Day of Languages

Each year on the 26th of September the European Day of Languages takes place, during which linguistic diversity is celebrated throughout Europe. As this event touches upon EUNIC Netherlands’ essential values, the cluster consistently organises activities for the EDL each year. This way EUNIC NL aims to both encourage awareness of European linguistic diversity, and stimulate language education.


FAIR P(L)AY is a cycle of events initiated by the EUNIC-NL cluster focusing on fair practices in the cultural sector, aiming to discuss and implement new and existing ways of creating fair environments in terms of funding, remuneration, copyright and mobility in Europe.

A series of lectures on Multilingualism

EUNIC Netherlands in collaboration with the D-G for Translation of the European Commission has so far organised five lectures around multilingualism. During the lectures, always both experts and practitioners from the field and different European countries shared their thoughts and experiences. With these lectures, EUNIC NL aims to encourage people to think about bilingualism and multilingualism in different ways.