European Day of Languages

Each year on the 26th of September the European Day of Languages takes place, during which linguistic diversity is celebrated throughout Europe. As this event touches upon EUNIC Netherlands’ essential values, the cluster consistently organises activities for the EDL each year. This way EUNIC NL aims to both encourage awareness of European linguistic diversity, and stimulate language education.

The European Literature Night is partly made possible by the European Commission

Language festivals

One aspect of EUNIC NL’s activity focuses on stimulating linguistic awareness and education for the young. Using its unique network of native speakers of languages from all over Europe, it organises Language Festivals in various high schools across the country. These festivals consist of several short language classes for schoolchildren in the first year of high school, followed by a lunch. During these classes the children are introduced to a new language, often with lesser known languages featured more prominently. This way the students are acquainted with European diversity and the joy of ulti-linguism in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Spanish class during the European Day of Languages 2019


Apart from the Language Festival fol students, EUNIC NL always organises a public programme as well: during Speak-dating sessions, taking place at a prominent public location in the country, passers-by and interested people are introduced to a new language. Native speakers prepare simple face-to-face sessions, introducing fun idioms or simple phrases, thus giving an insight into the European cultural and linguistic diversity. During the speak-dating the emphasis tends to be especially on lesser known languages, with normally native speakers from over a dozen countries present at the event.

Speak-dating event in 2018
Speak-dating in 2019