Exhibition about the children’s trains – ‘Destination: Hope’

Van ‘t Lindenhoutmuseum Scherpenkampweg 58, Nijmegen

Till 1 October 2023, the Van 't Lindenhout Museum presents the exhibition 'Destination: Hope' (in Dutch) about the Hungarian children trains. Between 1920 and 1930 – as part of a humaniatarian action – 30,000 Hungarian children came to the Netherlands for a short or longer period of time to recover from the trials they endured […]

Juvenes Translatores Translation Contest

From 4 September (noon) until 16 October (noon), secondary schools all over Europe can register again for the yearly European translation contest Juvenes Translatores, organized since 2007 by the European Commission. The translation contest gives young people a taste of what it is like to be a translator, encourages them to learn foreign languages and […]

Changing Landscapes – New Residency Opportunities in Spain

Cervantes Institute Utrecht Domplein 3, Utrecht

At the forefront of climate change, landscapes in rural Spain are undergoing rapid transformations, as severe droughts pose a threat to local ecosystems and their habitability. In response, creatives and cultural spaces in these regions are increasingly seeking strategies to make a positive impact. This can include practices such as regenerative methods, rewilding, and educational […]

Realidades incómodas: Pizarro

OBA Amsterdam Oosterdok 143, Amsterdam

Instituto Cervantes presents this fall, in collaboration with the Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, a selection of the best films from the past editions of the festival. Four films that put the finger on the sore spot, that show how difficult it is to realize dreams and ideals, even if they are just survival […]

The creative and cultural sector and the ecological transition: New perspectives and models

Het Nieuwe Instituut Nieuwe Instituut Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

Institut français NL and Nieuwe Instituut present The Ecological Transition: New Perspectives and Models in the Creative and Cultural Sector #1, an afternoon programme with leading European creative organisations and practitioners to gain a deeper understanding and share new perspectives on the key role which the cultural and creative sector can play in the ecological […]

Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories; Art from Ukraine

Museum de Fundatie Blijmarkt 20, Zwolle

Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories; Art from Ukraine is the first overview of contemporary art from Ukraine in the Netherlands. Enriched with a number of important pieces from Ukraine's historical avant-garde, this exhibition narrates Ukraine's cultural identity journey within the context of its enduring struggle between freedom and oppression. It does so through an array of artistic […]

Ethics of AI: What impact on geopolitics and security?

Codam Amsterdam Codam, Kattenburgerstraat 5, Gebouw 039, Amsterdam

Artificial intelligence has become in recent years an essential tool in every domain of society, and a criterion that reflects a nation’s progress and might. By defining the political potency of nations on the global stage, AI has transformed the balance of power and influenced the nature of competition in the 21st century, especially on […]

Dutch Design Week – Beautiful Work by UMPRUM

Punt-C Daalakkersweg 10-16, Hal 10, Eindhoven

The UMPRUM Studio of Product Design students from Prague created their own collections of products in which they recall, revive, and push forward traditional Czech craft techniques. A selection of nine diverse realisations could be imaginatively divided into three categories - fashion, food, and structure and will be showcased at the Dutch Design Week in […]

Meet the writers: Amalia Tena

OBA Amsterdam Oosterdok 143, Amsterdam

Te doy un caballo blanco de regalo, Amalia Tena's debut roman has enjoyed great success in The Netherlands, thanks to the translation by Els Pelgrom, Jij krijgt van mij een wit paard cadeau (Ambo/Anthos). Tena was inspired by her own family to write the story of the Sotomayors, a wealthy family that has lost everything […]