Wat doet de taalprofessional van morgen?’ / ‘What will the language professional of tomorrow do?


Language technology plays an increasingly important role in the multilingual European societies we live in, a development that affects the entire language sector. Will the language specialist therefore be replaced by the data scientist or will expert knowledge of languages stay a key competence on the job market? In cooperation with Drongo, the translation service of the European Commission is organizing a panel discussion between trainers, students, companies, researchers and language professionals about the job market for language experts. The discussion will take place on the occasion of our publication of OTTO: an inventory of training programmes in the field of language and technology in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The event will be multilingual: participants can speak in Dutch, English and French.

The Grapes of Reason

De Singel Hoogstraat 12, Antwerpen

From Saara Turunen’s website: “The Grapes of Reason is the third and the last part of the stage trilogy by Turunen. It deals with the contradiction between rationality and corporality. The title of the work refers to John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath. While Steinbeck examines the earth, its destruction and what kind of effects capitalism has on people, The Grapes of Reason focuses above all on the difficult coexistence of the body and reason, on what follows from the denial of corporality. What happens if the importance of the body is denied? Where the pleasure then resides or does it reside anywhere?” - Saara Turunen

€10 – €30

Nuit des Idées 2023

OBA Oosterdok Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam

To ask the question "more?" is to question the constraints we face in the Anthropocene era, with the need, in many areas, to do more with less. The idea of an "inversion of the poles", which would take up the Less is more mantra of the masters of the Bauhaus movement, can be frightening (degrowth, great resignation...). But this dialectic of plus and minus allows us to invoke new imaginaries of progress, no longer solely in a search for productivity and efficiency, but in a quest for meaning, an urgency to (re)build the link with the living.

The health crisis seems to have amplified a movement that began well before 2020 and is based on two questions specific to post-industrial societies: what is the meaning of my work, how can I regain control of my life? What to do with my life? The inability to grasp the working of machines, the obsolescence of jobs we still train for, the blurring of boundaries between professional and private life and the necessity to halt climate breakdown are all causes of the upheaval that is transforming our relationship to time and work.

The Nuit des Idées 2023 in Amsterdam will focus on the way in which mankind can seize future opportunities, including technological ones, to regain control of its destiny. Should we always try to go "faster" – although the faster we go, the less time we have! – or can we try to redefine our relationship with time? How can we combine our relationship with work and technology in a "culture of the living", particularly through the movement to "renaturate cities" and the creation of intermediate spaces (third places, fablabs, makersplaces, etc.) that enable us to make different human activities cohabit in a more harmonious way and generate social links?

Margot Dijkgraaf (moderator)
Lynn Berger
Jan Willem Duyvendak
Camille Etienne
Lena Hartog
Céline Marty
Olga Mink
Timothée Parrique
Stephan Petermann
Agnès Sinai

€3.75 – €7.50

Concert de Vendredi sur Mer

Boom Chicago Rozengracht 117, Amsterdam

Join Vendredi sur Mer for her first concert in Amsterdam with Pa'Dam Festival!

Since 'Premiers Emois' (2019), a disco-synth pop record that revealed her as a poetic and willingly Diva with tracks such as Ecoute Chéri or La Femme à la Peau Bleue, Vendredi sur Mer has indeed changed everything - or almost everything.

Playing with 80's references, Monochrome is more pop and provocative.


Concert de Emma Peters

Melkweg Amsterdam

Join Emma Peters for her first concert in Amsterdam with Pa'dam!

Spotted thanks to the success of her YouTube channel, Emma is already listened to all over the world-the remix of her cover of Clandestina has exceeded 50 million streams on Spotify. Now she writes her own songs with the same spontaneous freshness


Concert de Pierre de Maere

Melkweg Amsterdam

Join Pierre de Maere for his first concert in Amsterdam with Pa'dam!

Pierre de Maere, the new revelation from Belgium, continues his rise. The hostilities were launched in 2022 with the release of his first EP "Regrets Carried by a dazzling media and popular coverage and the success of his golden single "Un jour je marierai un ange"", Pierre de Maere is nominated at the 2023 Victoires de la musique in the categories "male revelation of the year" and "song of the year".