Interview with Yuliia Malynovska (Embassy of Ukraine)

In this special interview, Yuliia Malynovska discussed the collaboration between Ukraine and the Dutch cluster of EUNIC, highlighting the value of culture in the shared mission of the embassy and the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands. Read on to get a glimpse into Ms. Malynovska’s role in the Embassy of Ukraine and her vision of the European cultural community.

1. What role do you play in your Embassy?

I am responsible for cultural and educational cooperation, communication, and interaction with the Ukrainian community at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands.

At this difficult time for Ukraine, one of the main goals in my job is to attract support for Ukrainian culture, develop projects on the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage, as well as assist in preserving the Ukrainian community’s cultural identity.

Also, I’m focused on implementing projects that promote, introduce and familiarize Dutch society with Ukrainian culture while also creating opportunities for Ukrainian artists to establish partnerships with local and European cultural organizations.

A significant part of my activity is devoted to strengthening cooperation in education, supporting Ukrainian students, and developing the network of Ukrainian schools, cultural centers, and volunteer initiatives in the Netherlands.

My colleagues and I, being part of the embassy of the country in war, take extraordinary actions, everything possible to attract as much support for our country and people as possible in every field of our activity. We are all working together as a coordinated mechanism – the embassy, the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands, Ukrainian experts, scientists, and cultural figures – towards our common goal: victory for Ukraine.

2. How do you contribute to EUNIC NL?

Approximately two years ago, Ukraine became an associate member of EUNIC, which was a significant gesture of support for the Ukrainian cultural sector and an important step towards Ukraine’s integration into the EU cultural community. Since then, the Embassy has been actively participating in EUNIC NL cluster activities.

I am delighted that Ukrainian teachers have been representing the Ukrainian language for three years in a row during the European Day of Languages events. Ukrainian writers also take part in the European Literature Night program. Moreover, the Embassy of Ukraine is pleased to participate in and support events organized by EUNIC NL members. We are excited to showcase Ukraine’s cultural identity in various ways as well as contribute to the discussion of common cultural topics, such as fair practices in the cultural sphere, environmental sustainability, etc.

3. What is your favourite part about being a EUNIC NL member?

I feel privileged to be part of EUNIC, where I work alongside friends and like-minded people towards preserving our European culture and the identity of each cultural community. I appreciate how our collaboration is based on shared interests and resources, reflecting both unity and diversity. Although Ukraine’s cultural sphere is only beginning to explore opportunities for interaction with EUNIC, it has already actively participated in many cluster events. And I am confident that this collaboration will only grow and strengthen.