Interview with Matthew Grima (Embassy of the Republic of Malta)

For the first interview of the year, we have asked Matthew Grima, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Malta in The Netherlands, to share his thoughts about his role in EUNIC NL. You can read the interview below!

1. What role do you play at your institute/embassy?

At the Embassy of the Republic of Malta to the Netherlands, I occupy the role of Deputy Head of Mission. In essence this means that on a day-to-day basis I deal with a wide range of issues ranging from multilateral and bilateral matters, consular issues, administration, and cultural promotion.

2. How do you contribute to EUNIC?

Having joined Malta’s Mission in the Hague last summer, I still consider myself as a fairly new member of EUNIC Netherlands. Nonetheless, through the positive dynamic within the group, and the innovative ideas of fellow members, getting acquainted and inspired by EUNIC’s mission was quite a straightforward transition.

The very first event which I participated in was a Speak-Dating event organised by EUNIC on the occasion of the European Day of Languages. While my contribution was focused on the Maltese language, it was remarkable to witness how the joint participation of different members of the EUNIC Dutch cluster can truly forge a celebration of European Languages, while also showcasing the diverse and rich range of European linguistic and cultural heritage. 

As a starting point in our continuous efforts to identify areas through which Malta can effectively contribute to EUNIC’s mandate in the Netherlands, last December, the Embassy of Malta, was honoured to host the EUNIC Netherlands monthly Cluster Meeting.

Following last year’s joint-efforts and contributions to outline EUNIC’s strategy for the coming years, the Embassy is now eagerly expecting the adoption of the new Dutch Cluster EUNIC Strategic Framework. Through the priorities which are being identified, we are looking forward to contribute by enhancing Malta’s participation and contribution within EUNIC. 

3. What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC Netherlands member? 

Being a EUNIC Netherlands member is an excellent opportunity to serve on a platform which stimulates sustainable artistic creativity and instigates cultural exchanges and cooperation through a wide range of artistic mediums. Within this context the best aspect is that through cultural ties across Europe, it is possible to enhance synergies within our societies through the celebration of diverse cultures and artistic forms.