Interview with Romrawin Petchyotin (Anfield) (EUNIC Intern)

As 2023 is coming to an end, we are delighted to share our final interview of the year featuring Romrawin Petchyotin (Anfield), our dedicated intern at EUNIC Netherlands for the past six months. Dive into the complete interview to discover Anfield’s contributions to EUNIC Netherlands and the valuable experiences she has gained during her time with us.

1. What role do you play at your institute/embassy?

I started my internship with EUNIC Netherlands in July 2023. In broad terms, my role involves ensuring the smooth operation of the cluster, in collaboration with the secretary and board members. As our members are from different institutes and are scattered throughout the Netherlands, I see my role as a facilitator, ensuring that communication reaches all members in a timely and accurate manner.

2. How do you contribute to EUNIC?

I contribute to EUNIC in three main areas: administrative, communication, and events. In my administrative role, I ensure the smooth functioning of the cluster by managing calendars, taking minutes, and coordinating with partners for monthly events. I have also actively participated in strategy sessions to develop the new strategy for 2024-2027.

For communication, I oversee EUNIC NL’s online presence and promote both our events and our partners’ events through various channels. Additionally, I provide communication support for key events such as the European Days of Languages and FAIR P(L)AY 3, as part of the Events function.

3. Are there any specific skills or experiences from your background that you believe make you a valuable member of EUNIC Netherlands, and how do you plan to leverage them?

Prior to beginning my Euroculture Master’s in the Netherlands, I was working in the Press and Information section at the EU Delegation to Thailand. During this time, my primary responsibility was promoting European culture within my home country through events and social media initiatives. This hands-on experience not only deepened my understanding of European culture but also equipped me with tangible skills that I bring to my role at EUNIC Netherlands.

Specifically, my skills in social media management and video editing, honed during my previous position, has proven valuable in contributing to EUNIC’s projects. An example is the creation of the FAIR P(L)AY #3 recap video, where I utilised my video editing skills to effectively convey the main take away of the event.

4. What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC-Netherlands member?

The most rewarding aspect of being a member of EUNIC-Netherlands, in my perspective, is the opportunity to connect with the incredible individuals within the cluster. Witnessing how they challenge and embody European culture, observing their passion, and observing how they channel that enthusiasm into their EUNIC work is truly inspiring. European culture, as they demonstrate, is dynamic and ever-evolving, requiring constant redefinition and innovative approaches for effective public promotion. EUNIC serves as a valuable platform for members to convene and engage in discussions on these matters. It provides a space where the EU’s motto, ‘United in diversity,’ truly comes to life.