Interview with Issy Winkler (EUNIC Intern)

For June’s interview of the month, we spoke to our outgoing intern, Issy, as she wraps up her 6-month internship at EUNIC Netherlands.

1. What role do you play in your institute/embassy?

I work part-time as an intern for the EUNIC Netherlands cluster whilst completing my Master’s thesis.

2. How do you contribute to EUNIC?

The cluster has a number of different working groups for its various projects, so I was lucky enough to work across a variety of topics. Over the last 6 months, this included helping to create DEI guidelines with the Anti-Racism and Diversity working group, organising an event for Europe Day with the FAIR P(L)AY working group, working on the 2023 European Literature Night, and getting the ball rolling for the upcoming European Day of Languages.

3. What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC Netherlands member?

For me, the network is a kaleidoscope of different perspectives and ideas evolving from the diversity of its members. There is always inspiration flowing from the ongoing conversations around cultural practises and how to collaborate across borders. This European perspective on presenting shared values and goals through cultural events is really heart-warming to witness and humbling to be a part of.