Interview with Isabelle Reuser (EUNIC Intern)

Time for our final interview of the year as 2022 draws to a close! This December, meet Isabelle Reuser, who has been our intern for the last six months. Scroll down to find out about how Isabelle contributes to EUNIC Netherlands and what she most appreciates about working for us.

1)    What role do you play in your institute/embassy?

I am the current intern at EUNIC Netherlands and communication is at the heart of my internship. EUNIC Netherlands aims to provide a solid platform of engagement for member institutes and effective communication is vital for collaborative teamwork. I liaise with our members and external organisations on a daily basis, so projects can be kept on schedule. In addition, I aim to inform and inspire as many people as possible while raising EUNIC Netherlands’ profile and promoting a range of events through our online channels. 

2)    How do you contribute to EUNIC?

My responsibilities are extremely varied and I just love the fact that no single day has been the same since I started as an intern in July 2022. My tasks include creating digital content for EUNIC’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, preparing and attending meetings, organising cultural events and writing the monthly newsletter.

As EUNIC Netherlands operates in a fast-paced environment where a lot is happening simultaneously, it is vital to assess and prioritise various tasks. This is particularly important when the organisation of my day-to-day tasks coincides with the organisation of major events, such as the European Day of Languages. I was part of the working group which organised numerous activities in several Dutch cities to mark that occasion. I also implemented a communication strategy for this event and analysed feedback we received.

3)    What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC Netherlands member?

My internship has been an amazing experience on so many levels. However, the very best aspect is definitely the amazing people making up EUNIC Netherlands’ network that I have had the pleasure to work with during the last six months. Together, they successfully deliver projects and objectives by making the most of everyone’s skills and by using their collective experience. Their professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm are truly impressive (and contagious!). As culture is not only a resource for well-being but also a compelling force that overcomes differences and unifies people, EUNIC Netherlands’ enduring impact is now more important than ever.