Out of Office: Working Across Borders (GoShort Nijmegen)

In this programme at GoShort – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, we take a closer look at cultural differences one comes across when working in a different country. Those who choose to leave their country for an opportunity abroad often experience unexpected contrasts; from different work cultures to small language barriers, and from confusing financing structures to unexpected yearnings for the customs of your hometown. After the film programme (46 minutes), Naomi White (Framing of Us) will talk with the directors Rony Effrat and Ewa Smyk and the audience about cultural gaps, misunderstandings, new opportunities and alienating moments while working in another country; in the film sector and beyond.

Films to be screened:

Homebird (PL, 2021, Ewa Smyk)

The film was inspired by the personal experience of the director Eva Smyk. She moved from the Eastern-Poland borderland to London. In the film, we see a young artist who is struggling to make it in a big city and finds herself retreating into the rose-tinted memories of the village she left behind.

Exceptional Talent (FR, 2021, Rony Effrat)

Exceptional Talent is a French live-action film that illustrates difficulties that artists might encounter if they wish to work across borders. It is a fiction film that points to bureaucratic issues that a filmmaker might encounter when wanting to work abroad.

Baba (NL, 2020, Sarah Blok & Lisa Konno)

Baba is a Dutch experimental documentary about a man who immigrated from Turkey to the Netherlands with the idea to move back after completing his education. However, he never returned. His half-Turkish half-Dutch daughter wonders why.

When? 9 April, 14.00

Where? Lux 1, Nijmegen

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This programme is a collaboration between GoShort – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, EUNIC Netherlands and Creative Europe Desk NL | Dutch Culture