Interview with Sophie Logothetis (DutchCulture)

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Do you want to know more about one of EUNIC Netherlands’ Board members, and Programme Manager for Europe for Citizens at Dutch Culture? Don’t miss our interview to Sophie Logothetis!

1) What role do you play in your institute/embassy?

For the last couple of years I have been the contactpoint of the Europe for Citizens programme in the Netherlands, hosted by DutchCulture. This is a EU finding programme, specifically aimed at civil society and municipalities in order to bridge the gap between the European citizen and the EU. I was responsible for the guidance of the Dutch beneficiaries. The Europe for Citizens programme was hosted by DutchCulture, the network and knowledge organization for international cultural cooperation where we maintain and enlarge our network and knowledge in order to help the Dutch cultural sector amplifying their voice in the international arena. This is where EUNIC comes in. Participation in the Dutch EUNIC cluster has been instrumental to this aim.

2) How do you contribute to EUNIC?

Being a member of the board of the Dutch EUNIC cluster provides many advantages. I get to know all the members very well and have a good overview of all the projects the EUNIC NL cluster is involved in. I also have the financial overview and have access to the EUNIC’s archive, which gives me a very insightful image of a small piece of European cultural history. I also have contributed actively to the annual European Literature Night, working closely together with the Forum on European Culture, the UvA and OBA.

3) What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC Netherlands’ member?

The best aspect is the people. It is a rich experience to be able to work with people with so many different backgrounds. Having a bicultural background myself, I feel very much at home in these surroundings. Apart from myself, I believe it’s a perfect fit for DutchCulture to have access to the network of EUNIC, in order to fulfill its goal, i.e. enlarging the cultural arena. Many projects and even friendships have developed being a member of this wonderful network.

Thank you Sophie Logothetis for your insights about being part of the big family of EUNIC Netherlands.

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