May – Bart Govaert

This month, we would love you to meet Bart Govaert, the director of Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. De Brakke Grond is the place for Flemish artists and Dutch art lovers who want to push their boundaries to come together. Find out more about Bart’s activities in his interview below.

1) What role do you play in your institute/embassy?

I am the director of “het Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond” in Amsterdam. We promote and facilitate Flemish artists in the Netherlands and try to initiate and guide cooperations between Dutch and Flemish cultural organizations. I am glad to be able to do that with a really great team of 15 enthusiastic colleagues and from a wonderful venue with endless possibilities in the centre of Amsterdam. 

2) How do you contribute to EUNIC?

When a EUNIC Netherlands project ticks some of our boxes, we are certainly willing to participate. The European Literature Night for instance is one of these events, and, more recently, the FAIR P(L)AY initiative was also a project in which we were glad to join. For de Brakke Grond it is also important to share specific Flemish expertise or to be able to promote Flemish artists in an interesting international context or to give them a relevant forum. 

3) What is the best aspect about being a EUNIC Netherlands’ member?

I think that is to share knowledge and know-how, specifically in an international cultural environment. By joining EUNIC you stay in touch with lots of valuable colleagues. It is nice to exchange experiences or best practices, to build up your network and to get to know nice and interesting people.